The One True Book…


Here it is. The one true book. It is…Harry Potter.
It true because it:
1) Is unique
2) Has no contradictions
3) Is historically accurate
4) Is scientifically accurate
5) Accurately predicts the future
6) Mentions freakin’ amazing Dumbledore!
7) Provides a standard to evaluate truth
8) Is the basis for knowledge
9) Is united (all the books read as one)
10) Is timeless
The proof of Harry Potter is that unless its truth is presupposed, we couldn’t prove anything at all.
harry potter books
So why do you not believe it is the one true book?
The answer seems obvious here…because JK Rowling never claimed that it was anything more than a young adult book series.
However, if we replace the argument for Harry Potter being the one true book, with the Bible, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, now people start to take the argument seriously.
Because people have made claims that these books are divinely inspired, therefore they are true. And people have believed these claims.
Let’s start with divine inspiration.  Divine inspiration is “the concept of a supernatural force causing a person or people to experience a creative desire.” This argument seems dubious from the get go. Anyone can claim divine inspiration from any supernatural force. And people have all through human history, from Muhammad to Joseph Smith. So what makes one person’s claim of divine inspiration any more valid than another person’s? Nothing.
monty python god
Furthermore, what makes something true? ( Truth being defined as that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.) Just saying something is true, doesn’t make it true. Even saying something is true for X,Y, and Z doesn’t make it true.
What makes something true then? The best we can do is acquire a body of empirical evidence via the scientific method that has been systematically corroborated and has yet to be falsified.
Now back to the claim that one book is true. This is a scary proposition for several reasons.
  1. It requires extreme rationalization.
  2. It is based off ill-informed information.
  3. It requires stubbornness – that is the inability to accept and change with new information.
  4. It relies on outright lies.
  5. It conflicts with other truth claims.
sense and logic
The claims I made about Harry Potter being the one true book at the beginning of this blog post were arguments I found online for the Bible being the one true book (replacing Dumbledore with Jesus Christ). These arguments in no way prove that the Bible is true any more than they do Harry Potter. Indeed, one author’s argument that “The proof of Bible is that unless its truth is presupposed, we couldn’t prove anything at all” is actually spot on. Unless you approach the Bible with a predetermined conclusion that is “true”, then you can’t know it is true. This is ridiculous – seen by applying the same logic to anything else. For example, unless I presuppose the existence of the Loch Ness monster, then I can’t know it exists.
Ultimately, I do not think it wise for us as a human community to entertain the claims by some that their book is the one true book. Doing so sends the message that fallacious logic is worthy of respect. Well it’s not. This line of thought should not be upheld as untouchable – but rather should be scrutinized and be called out for its shaky foundations. That is the very reason why I wrote this blog post.

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